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Author Submissions
Esquire Books is selective in the manuscripts it selects for publication. Unlike other publishers, Esquire Books devotes a significant amount of time and resources to editing its books prior to publication. In addition to its standing editors, Esquire Books often arranges a board of subject experts to edit and review content and structure. These experts consist of professors and practitioners in the subject area. This production process ensures best in class content and structure, which produces a better book to train a better mind. The excellent outcome of these efforts is evidenced by Esquire’s publication of top tier professors, many of whom are repeat publishers with the company and who have selected Esquire Books over large name publishers. (Please see the “meet the editors” page for more information on the editing process.)

If you are interested in submitting a manuscript or idea for publication, please send the following information to:


1. Two page summary of your manuscript or idea for a manuscript

2. A current resume

3. List of classes currently taught, if any

4. Contact information (including name, phone number and e-mail address)

We will respond to your submission via e-mail within 90 days. Thank you for your interest in Esquire Books, Inc.